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Criterion Theatre
Beryl (2023)
Written by Maxine Peake
Sat 2nd September to Sat 9th September
Director – Helen Withers
Beryl Burton – Cathryn Bowler
Charlie Burton and others – Peter Gillam
Nim and others – Jon Elves
Jo and others – Rowan McDonnell
Stage Manager – Steve Withers
Prompt – Claire McDermott
Lighting Designer – Karl Stafford
Sound Designer – Becky Bartlett
‘Beryl’ celebrates the extraordinary achievements of the remarkable and inspirational cyclist Beryl Burton. She was five times world pursuit champion, thirteen times national champion; and these represent only a portion of her amazing achievements. Burton was one of the most astonishing sports people ever to have lived, but she remains something of a mystery.
Maxine Peake, captures this remarkable woman in a piece of drama which is pacy, funny and moving. Four actors play a multitude of roles to bring this celebration to the stage.
Reviews of the Play
"This four-hander is neither kitchen-sink realist drab nor is it a blistering polemic. It is simply a joyful, uplifting and utterly delightful way to spend the better part of two-hours" Mary Beer, London Theatre
"This play is so well crafted it captures your imagination and heart. Breaking the fourth wall at times to bring the audience into the jokes of actors, who have to become hardcore cyclists on stage is so well written, that it is pure joy to watch." Karen Morley-Chesworth, Cumbria24


EDI Assessment

In line with our EDI policy, we undertake an EDI impact assessment of all our artistic programming. This play has no central diversity message but does cover the story of a woman's achievement within a male-dominated arena. It can be cast completely neutrally of race/ethnicity. The central story means that the characters should be ideally be playing ages around 20s to 50s. The play is written for two male presenting and two female presenting actors.


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