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Criterion Theatre
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2023)
Written by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler
Sat 17th June to Sat 24th June
Director – Debra Relton Elves
Musical Director – Robin Parish
Sweeney Todd – Mark Randall
Anthony Hope – Martin Hall
Johanna – Jessie Wilson
Tobias Ragg – Paul Vickers
Judge Turpin – Dean Sheridan
The Beadle – Andrew Halliday
Beggar Woman – Jan Nightingale
Pirelli – Anne-marie Greene
Jonas Fogg – Paul Cribdon
Ensemble – Aileen Rahilly
Ensemble – Nathan Holden
Ensemble – Paul Cribdon
Ensemble – Neil McGowan
Ensemble – Kathleen Snelson
Ensemble – Maddie Allison
Ensemble – Judi Garland
Ensemble – Hannah Fennell
Ensemble – Sally Greenmont
Ensemble – Matthew Keyworth
Mrs Lovett – Rayner Wilson
Assistant Director – Anne-marie Greene
Stage Manager – Alan Fenn
Wardrobe – Gennie Holmes

Sweeney Todd, an escaped convict once known as Benjamin Barker is back in Fleet Street and resumes his barbershop trade. He is determined to take revenge on the corrupt Judge Turpin who had him sent away 15 years earlier on false charges.

Known as a 'musical thriller' this is one of the greatest and complex of Sondheim's musicals. This exciting production has it all. It is a story of vengeance, injustice and inequality; a chilling horror story which is both deadly funny and genuinely tragic.

Our production features a 21 strong cast, collaborating to create a dark and atmospheric atmosphere, with minimal set and props and the focus on the characters and their emotional and psychological depths and the theatrical melodrama of the piece.  

EDI Assessment

On the character notes, we have indicated where specific playing genders are called for, however some characters can be cast gender-neutrally. All characters will be cast completely neutrally with regards to race and ethnicity. At the Criterion we are absolutely committed to a core aspiration to be a demonstrable place of opportunity for all, with diverse and brilliant plays on stage and inclusive company and membership. Please see our policies on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


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