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Criterion Theatre

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
20th February

At the Criterion Theatre we are always striving to provide a space for performing arts where a diversity of stories can be told and voices can be heard. This is primarily to entertain, but we also produce challenging, thought-provoking and sometimes provocative theatre. 

Alongside our own season of work, as a community theatre, we encourage and empower individual artists and groups of artists to share our theatre space and make creative work. This can mean that elements of programmes cannot be in our full control. However, as set out in our EDI policy, we would like to reiterate our commitment to inclusivity, where people should come into our theatre and find a welcoming place, particularly for those most vulnerable in our society. We come together in our love for theatre both regardless of, and in due regard to: sex, race and ethnicity, age, disability, religion and belief, sexual orientation and gender identity. The Criterion Theatre is not a place where exclusionary views and behaviours are accepted and we expect all members and visitors to adhere to our EDI policy

We will constantly endeavour to meet the high values and standards we have set ourselves. We welcome feedback and comment on any parts of the programming taking place and particularly when we are felt to fall short, from which we will do our very best to improve and learn in the future.  

The Board of Directors/Trustees

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