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Criterion Theatre

A performance of: Springboard Festival
26th March from 17:00 to 20:00
In the Auditorium

Day Two: Sunday 26th March 2023 - 5pm

Music and Poetry, Drama.

Music and Poetry - Healing and Hope - Mikael Petersson/Emilie Lauren Jones


Enjoy an uplifting evening of classical music beautifully mixed with spoken word. Featuring international pianist Mikael Petersson and Coventry Poet Laureate Emilie Lauren Jones.

Words are weaved through melodies, plus there's a couple of stunning piano solos from a world class pianist. Known for her beautiful imagery, Emilie's poetry offers an original view of the world. All this is sprinkled with amusing little anecdotes in between pieces.

The show contains original compositions as well as variations of traditional classical pieces specifically chosen to leave audience members filled with hope and positivity.

Drama - Exotic by Cassandra O Floresca

 An important new voice, Cassandra O Floresca, who submitted the work as a performance poem, with guest director Olivia Dineley, and Criterion Theatre company member Talya Rajagukguk (Jill in After Life). The first of five drama premieres in our festival.

'Exotic' is a critique of post- #metoo misogyny and the objectification and performative prop of an 'exotic' girlfriend, garnished with faux virtue signals.

Drama -  Rebellious Sisterhood by Karen Forbes

It is 1913. Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the Suffragette Movement, is recuperating at friend and fellow suffragette Ethel's country cottage, after a gruelling period travelling and speaking around the country. They are joined by ambitious, up-coming young firebrand Grace, who is being nurtured by Emmeline and is viewed as a rival by Ethel. Can Ethel and Grace unite for the cause and face new antipathy, and Laws, for Emmeline's sake?

This premiere of a new work by Karen Forbes (Edith in the Beginning and Barbed Wire and Teddy Bears), will be directed by Chris Ingall. Performed by Christine Evans, Dawn Morris and Alexandra Vickers. This is a Criterion Theatre production.


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