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Criterion Theatre

A performance of: Springboard Festival
28th March from 19:30 to 22:00
In the Auditorium

Day Four: Tuesday 28th March 2023

New Writing and Drama

New Writing- Voices from the Dark - Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind




New writing from the Creative Writing Group at CRCB. This is the latest live collaboration between CRCB writers and Criterion Theatre actors - and the first time they have performed together at the Criterion. They will perform a range of pieces: from poetry to comedy, from prose to moving memoir. 

As this varied and entertaining programme demonstrates, while the writers all share sight loss, it doesn't define them - or their work. 

Drama - Hattie by Beverly Andrews

Hattie is a one woman short play which looks at the life of African American actress and first black Oscar winner Hattie McDaniel. The play looks at the social and economic constraints African Amercians had to endure during that period in American history as well as her journey through 1930s Hollywood. The short play is an imagined monologue that Hattie delivers as a key moment in her life. 

Drama - Rebellious Sisterhood by Karen Forbes
It is 1913. Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the Suffragette Movement, is recuperating at friend and fellow suffragette Ethel's country cottage, after a gruelling period travelling and speaking around the country. They are joined by ambitious, up-coming young firebrand Grace, who is being nurtured by Emmeline and is viewed as a rival by Ethel. Can Ethel and Grace unite for the cause and face new antipathy, and Laws, for Emmeline's sake? 
This premiere of a new work by Karen Forbes (Edith in the Beginning and Barbed Wire and Teddy Bears), will be directed by Chris Ingall. Performed by Christine Evans, Dawn Morris and Alexandra VickersThis is a Criterion Theatre production.


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