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Play Reading - For Lucy
20th November from 19:00 to 22:00
In the Bar

Table Read of 'For Lucy' by Andrew Sharpe

Director: Chris Ingall

Sunday 20th November 2022 at 7:00pm Criterion Theatre, Coventry. 

Workshopped extensively in 2018, a scene ‘The Uninvited Ghost’, was performed at the Maltings Theatre St Albans as one of ‘Three Sharpe Shorts’. A production of the full work was offered, and the play was performed online to a focus group made up of members of the LGBT+ community, but the opportunity was lost in the blip.

The table read of the working draft of this new work, without commitment, is to enable director CHRIS INGALL to give writing notes to Andrew, and identify whether to pitch for a studio production of the whole work and/or submit scenes to drama festivals in 2023.    

Four characters.

JO, F, playing age 50, Barrister.

BEX, F playing age 35, Barrister.

SAM, F playing age 20, Student Nurse.

TIM, M, playing age 65, Solicitor

Deeply closeted JO is on the point of leaving her husband TIM for her lover BEX  when her daughter Lucy is killed in a road crash. Will she choose her own happiness, or try and hold the remains of her family together, at the risk of losing BEX to SAM?  

Told in reverse chronological order, a romantic quadrangle spanning four generations. 


All welcome.

In line with our EDI policy we undertake an equality impact assessment of all our artistic programming. "For Lucy" by Andrew Sharpe has an LGBQT+ story at its centre. The playwright has specified that at least one member of the female cast should identify as LGBTQ+. The play can be cast with complete neutrality on race/ethnicity, but the specific gender identity should be played as written.





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