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Criterion Theatre

New Members Evening
22nd June from 20:00 to 21:00
In the Bar

An invitation to an evening for all existing and new members. 

As we gear back up to 'normal' productions after the Covid madness, we thought it would be a great idea to invite everyone to come along and share a complimentary drink, getting everyone together to celebrate how wonderful it is to volunteer at the Criterion. 

Come and meet with department heads and get a bit of a recap on how our processes and systems are working in the post-Covid world. For example, we now operate a digital-only Box Office, so there are no physical tickets; we also now have a completely cashless Bar so there is no need to cash-up and we have new digital tablets to use; Front of House no longer have the Covid processes we were having to deal with. We think that many of the roles are now much easier than they were and we are going to take you through all of these new processes. 

For anyone new to the theatre, you'll get a chance to see how these processes work as well as meeting representatives from other departments including props, wardrobe, lighting, sound, stage managers and also directors and actors. There are so many things you can volunteer for and we'd love to show you what we are all about. 

Do come along and meet us all!

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