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Criterion Theatre
The Hostage (1968)
Written by Brendan Behan
Sat 4th May to Sat 11th May
Director – Bill Newton
Production Photos
Pat, The Caretaker Of A Lodging-house – Alan Warren
Meg Dillon, His Consort – Maureen Copping
Monsewer, Owner Of The House – Bob Browning
Rio Rita, A Homosexual Navvy – Terry Brown
Princess Grace, His Coloured Boy-friend – Courtney Devonish
Mr. Mulleady, A Decaying Civil Servant – Anthony Haydon
Miss Gilchrist, A Social Ircrker – June Herbert
Collete, A Whore – Wendy Ashcroft
Ropeen, An Old Whore – Helena Gault
Leslie Williams, A British Soldier – Keith Railton
Teresa, The Skivvy, A Country Girl – Margaret Crofts
I.r.a. Officer, A Fanatical Patriot – Jim Conry
Volunteer Feargus O'connor, A Ticket Collector – John Burrows
Russian Sailor – John Crofts
Setting – Eric Flitcroft
Stage Director – Joan Hartley
Set Construction – John Smith
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Geoff Bennett
Set Construction – Dave Brown
Set Construction – Graham Clifford
Set Construction – Andrew Harvey
Set Construction – Robert Hipwell
Set Construction – John Lawrence
Set Construction – Leslie Tucker
Set Construction – Peter Turnbull
Properties – Joan Tucker
Properties – Pat Pugh
Wardrobe – Glynis Cooper
Wardrobe – Renee Lingard
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Lighting – Graham Oliver
Prompter – Lynne Spence
Photographer – John Blakemore
The Band
The Pianist – John Mcmahon
The Programme
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