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Criterion Theatre
Prince of Denmark (2016)
Written by Michael Lesslie
Wed 17th February to Sat 20th February
I pray that none of these men is ever King
Director – Chris Ingall
Production Photos
Laertes – James Smith
Reynaldo – Jordan Bass
Osric – Kai Taylor
Ophelia – Belinda Campbell
Hamlet – Calum Lake
Rosencrantz – Pete Meredith
Gildenstern – Cameron Houston
Horatio – Cameron Houston
Player – Jordan Bass
Stage Manager & Props – Pete Kendall
Lighting Design – Karl Stafford
Sound – Dave Cornish
Sound – Sarah Basford
Set – Simon Sharpe
Wardrobe & Make-Up – Jessica Williams
Wardrobe & Make-Up – Annie Gay
Wardrobe & Make-Up – Gennie Holmes
Projection Design – Paul Chokran
Assistant Director & Fight Captain – David Silva
Assistant to the Director – Gennie Holmes
Fight Choreography – Danny Keane
Lighting & Projection Operation – Paul Forey
Lighting & Projection Operation – Karl Stafford
Stage Setting – Fay Bancroft
Stage Setting – Ellie Brown
Stage Setting – Olivia Holmes
Stage Setting – Fran Kendall
Stage Setting – Kirstie Wren
Furniture Painting – Pete Horton
Publicity Design – Paul Chokran
Prompt – Tyson Morris
This prelude to Shakespeare's most famous tragedy imagines Hamlet as a restless teenager frustrated by the limits of his role and furious at his father's warmongering ways. lt provides a fascinating back-story to Hamlet and a sophisticated insight into the psyche of its hero,
making it ideal for all ages. lt premiered at the National Theatre in 2010 as part of the NT Discover Programme.

For more details or to express an interest in working on the production in any capacity, please contact Chris (07411 788827) or Gennie (07500 831254

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