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Criterion Theatre
Mindgame (2014)
Written by Anthony Horowitz
Sat 1st February to Sat 8th February
Director – Anne-marie Greene
Assistant Director – Gennie Holmes
Production Photos
Farquhar – Craig Shelton
Styler – Jon Elves
Paisley – Jan Nightingale
Stage Manager – Stella Gabriel
Wardrobe – Debra Relton-Elves
Props – Olivia Holmes
Props – Susan Schweitzer
Prompt – Maggie Parkes
Set Design – Pete Bagley
Lighting Design – Paul Harrison
Artwork – Paul Tate
Wardrobe – Harry Leonard
Prompt – Jack Hawker
Security Guards – Jack Hawker
Security Guard – Ben Lancashire
Projector Operation – Karl Stafford
Sound Operation – Paul Forey
Set Build – Judy Sharpe
Set Build – Karl Stafford
Set Build – Terry Rahilly
Set Build – Kevin Woods
Set Build – Christopher Hernon
Set Build – Simon Stafford
Set Build – Frances Dixon
Set Build – Pete Bagley
Lighting Operator – Paul Harrison
Sound Designer – Dave Cornish
Sound Operator – Dave Cornish
Artwork Design – Susan Schweitzer
The Programme
The Play

When Mark Styler, writer of true crime novels gets an interview with a notorious psychopathic serial killer, he believes he has snared the coup of his career. But when he arrives at the asylum, he finds nothing can be trusted. Through a maze of manipulations and memories, dark secrets are revealed. Why isn't the skeleton in the closet, and what is the nurse so afraid of? This is a roller coaster of a play by that master of mystery and suspense, Anthony Horowitz, creator of Foyle's War, Murder in Mind and the Alex Rider series of novels. In Mindgame, he puts our interest in deranged killers in the spotlight, asking what makes sadistic serial murderers different from the rest of us, and why are we at once repelled and fascinated by them? If you liked Sleuth or The Usual Suspects, you will love this.Starring Jon Elves, Craig Shelton and Jan Nightingale.

Psychological stunner.

Being confined in a small space with potential serial killers may not be everyone's idea of a Saturday night out - or any night out for that matter.
But the intimate atmosphere of the Criterion, especially transformed into theatre in the round, was perfect for this psychological thriller set in an asylum for the criminally insane.
Director Anne-marie Greene cast the perfect trio of doctor, nurse and lurid murder writer for this Anthony Horowitz play about madness and what lies beneath the surface.
And despite the fearful topic, there are more than a few laughs in the gripping dialogue between Craig Shelton (Dr Farquhar) and Jon Elves (Styler).
But what makes nurse Paisley (Jan Nightingale) so nervous?
This is a plot impossible to know too much about in advance.
What audiences can know is that it is absolutely riveting, right from the start, and that there are magnificent performances from both Shelton and Elves as they plumb the depths of fear, horror and morbid fascination.
For Jan Nightingale there are fewer scenes and more physical action, some of it quite painful.
A bravura performance of exceptional power.
Barbara Goulden
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