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Criterion Theatre
Still Life & The Browning Version (2010)
Written by Noel Coward & Terence Rattigan
Sat 16th October to Sat 23rd October
Director – Ruth Miller
Your Memories
John Fenner remembers ...
Probably my favourite role at the Criterion. Such a privilege to play the character of Andrew Crocker-Harris in Ruth Miller's excellent production.
Production Photos
John Taplow – Elliot Relton-Williams
Frank Hunter – Jon Elves
Millie Crocker-harris – Anne-marie Greene
Andrew Crocker-harris – John Fenner
Dr Frobisher – Bill Bosworth
Peter Gilbert – Jeremy Goldthorp
Mrs Gilbert – Carly Taylor
Laura Jesson – Anne-marie Greene
Myrtle Bagot – Rachel Newey
Beryl Walters – Carly Taylor
Stanley – Jeremy Goldthorp
Albert Godby – Bill Bosworth
Alec Harvey – Jon Elves
Man – Tony Cuttiford
Bill – Michael Hammond
Johnnie – Matt Sweatman
Mildred – Sarah Mcdonagh
Dolly Messiter – Gennie Holmes
Assistant Director – Liz Thompson
Production Manager – Tony Cuttiford
Stage Manager – Tony Cuttiford
Assistant Stage Manager – Clair Henrywood
Prompt – Shirley Jobson
Thanks – Maggie Parkes
Properties – Erica Young
Properties – Jackie Crisp
Properties – Clair Henrywood
Properties – Kathy Lole
Properties – Les Rahilly
Properties – Kim West
Properties – Bill Young
Costume – Maureen Liggins
Costume – Pam Coleman
Costume – Anne Houston
Costume – Nancy Silvester
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Pete Bagley
Sound Design – Dave Cornish
Operation – Dave Cornish
Projection Design – Ian Hill
Set Design – Doug Griffiths
Set Build – Doug Griffiths
Set Build – John Griffiths
Set Build – Des Ali
Set Build – Dave Crisp
Set Build – Dave Holmes
Set Build – Sally Patalong
Set Build – Simon Sharpe
Set Build – Mike Tooley
Set Build – Kevin Woods
Set Build – Ben Woodward
Set Painters – Judy Talbot
Set Painters – Emma Withers
Set Painters – Paul Chokran
Set Painters – Sue Hadlum
Set Painters – Sally Patalong
Set Painters – Dave Crisp
Set Painters – Doreen Belton
Set Change Team – Dave Crisp
Set Change Team – Joe Fallowell
Set Change Team – Bill Butler
Set Change Team – Mike Tooley
Set Change Team – Sam E. Taylor
Set Change Team – Simon Sharpe
Set Change Team – Dave Holmes
Set Change Team – Paul Chokran
Set Change Team – Tony Cuttiford
The Programme
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