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Criterion Theatre
Darling Buds Of May (2005)
Written by H. E. Bates
Sat 28th May to Sat 4th June
Director – Pete Bagley
Your Memories
Anne-marie Greene remembers ...
My first show at the Cri and what a laugh we had... I just remember running and running around the stage!
Production Photos
Pop Larkin – David Draper
Ma Larkin – Linda Holmes
Mariette – Lucy Hunt
Montgomery – Ben Lancashire
Montgomery – Henry Curtis
Primrose – Eleanor Stokes
Primrose – Tara Wilson
Zinnia – Georgia Brown
Zinnia – Lilly Swaffield
Petunia – Scarlett Jeffree
Petunia – Rebecca Cribdon
Victoria – Laura Mchugh
Victoria – Siobhan Mchugh
Mr Charlton – James Durrant
Miss Pilchester – Emma Padfield
Angela Snow – Anne-marie Greene
The Brigadier – Ron Austin
Sir George Bluff-gore – Sam Mcnaulty
Lady Bluff-gore – Lynne Brookes
Tax Inspector – Tony Cuttiford
Pauline Jackson – Anne-marie Greene
Stage Manager – Peter Jones
Prompt – Jason Dawson
Lighting – Ian Knight
Sound – Becky Bartlett
Set Design – Doug Griffiths
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Set Team – John Griffiths
Set Team – Pauline Petros
Set Team – Des Ali
Set Team – Mike Tooley
Set Team – Pete Bennett
Set Team – Terry Rahilly
Set Team – Paul Chokran
Set Team – Andrew Tyrer
Set Team – Chris Firth
Set Team – Frances Dixon
Set Team – Peter Gillam
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Wardrobe – Maureen Liggins
Wardrobe – Karen Williams
Props – Kim West
Props – Lesley Rahilly
Props – Chris Jones
The Programme
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