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Criterion Theatre
Abigail's Party (2001)
Written by Mike Leigh
Sat 31st March to Sat 7th April
Director – Pete Wood
Your Memories
Nicole Firth remembers ...
This, for me, as Angela, was my absolute favourite show. A pleasure from start to finish. The fashion, the writing, the wonderful direction from the much missed Pete Wood. A really great play, made great because I got to share the stage with my friends each night too. Fabulous stuff.
Production Photos
Beverley – Jan Nightingale
Tony – Matt Sweatman
Laurence – Jon Elves
Sue – Gennie Holmes
Angela – Nicole Firth
Set Design – Tony Cuttiford
Set Construction – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Mick Padfield
Set Construction – Jayne Padfield
Set Construction – Pauline Petros
Set Construction – Terry Wells
Set Construction – Ian Gosling
Set Construction – Alison Read
Set Dressing – Linda Holmes
Set Dressing – Tony Cuttiford
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Emma Wood
Sound – Ben Woodward
Sound – Terry Wells
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Props – Jane Beidas
Props – Ruth Miller
Props – Johanne Gardner
Props – Jessica Moore
Props – Les Rahilly
Prompt – Emma Padfield
Stage Director – Peter Jones
The Programme
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