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Criterion Theatre
The Madness Of George III (1999)
Written by Alan Bennett
Fri 9th July to Sat 17th July
Director – John Ruscoe
Production Photos
King George III – Keith Railton
Queen Charlotte – Helen Withers
Prince Of Wales – Matt Sweatman
Duke Of York – Richard Doney
Pitt – Jon Elves
Dundas – Phil Bagley
Thurlow – Peter Brooks
Fox – John Edwards
Sheridan – Bill Heslop
Fitzroy – Jason Dawson
Greville – Jamie Firth
Ladt Pembroke – Elizabeth Brooks
Margaret Nicholson – Emma Padfield
Papendiek – Gareth Withers
Fortnum – James Claridge
Braun – Gary Nicholls
Sir George Baker – Pete Bagley
Dr Richard Warren – Doug Griffiths
Sir Lucas Pepys – Vic Cooper
Dr Willis – John Withers
Sir Boothby Skrymshir – Tom Sadler
Ramsden – Chris Firth
Maid – Gennie Holmes
Footman – Chris Russell
Dr Willis' Assistants – Chris Cooper
Dr Willis' Assistants – Chris Russell
Production Assistant – Jean Warren
Designer – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Tony Cuttiford
Set Construction – Michael Padfield
Set Construction – Julian Cox
Set Construction – Jayne Padfield
Set Construction – Louise Bagley
Set Construction – Darren Richards
Set Construction – Judy Talbot
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – Paul Chokran
Lighting – Clive Humphreys
Sound – Steve Withers
Prompter – Annie Woodward
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Maureen Liggins
Props – Gennie Holmes
Props – Nikki Muckle
Props – Lucy Evans
Props – Sian Caldwell
Props – Jan Nightingale
Stage Manager – John Bagley
The Programme
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