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Criterion Theatre
Bazaar And Rummage (1993)
Written by Sue Townsend
Sat 8th May to Sat 15th May
Directed By – John Marron
Margaret. A Working Class Vulgarian, Agoraphobic For Fifteen Years – Maureen Copping
Bell-bell. An Obsessionally Clean Agoraphobic Who Plays The Piano – Lynne Brookes
Fliss. A Youngish Trainee Social Worker – Penny Adams
Gwend.a A Middle-aged Volunteer Social Worker, An Ex-agoraphobic – Norma Bainbridge
Katrina. An Agoraphobic, Ex-variety "songstress" – Caroline White
Wpc. A Woman Who Is Terrified Of Community Policing – Emma Padfield
Stage Manager – Richard Bantock
Lighting – Peter Jones
The Programme
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