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Criterion Theatre
If You're Glad I'll Be Frank (1980)
Written by Tom Stoppard
Fri 12th September to Sun 14th September
Director – Norma Bainbridge
Frank – Guy Eames
Gladys – Vanessa Williams
Porter – Carl Bainbridge
Myrtle Trelawney – Glenda Brassington
Mr Mortimer – Chris O'connell
Mr Courtney-smith – Andrew Smith
Sir John – Geoff Hurst
Lord Coot – Gary Clarke
Beryl Bligh – Wendy Harris
Operator – Alison Barr
Char – Alison Barr
Sound – Kevin Ashurst
Lighting – Clive Robinson
Rigging – Ian Knight
Prompt – Karen Osborne
Props – Karen Osborne
Costume – Maureen Copping
The Band
Original Music – Ray Williams
The Programme
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